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Come not between a dragon and his wrath.

Guys I’m not even gonna lie to you but I stared at this photoset and for a moment I was like “it’s weird that they only ever have animated or CGI dragons and they don’t use real ones”

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could u imagine

spending 200$+

opening box



i think thats crazy cool, but can you imagine how much thats worth since its obviously a manufacture error in the color. making it exclusive green

yo how many eggs did it take you to hatch that shiny 3ds



"can i come in?"

"i don’t know, can you?”

cursing quietly, the vampire backed away, foiled yet again by the english teacher’s pedantry

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Getting myself back into the swing of drawing with some badass speedpaint eeveelutions! I love everyone’s december pokemon memes but it was so hard for me just to get these three out. Damn you, real job!!

~2 hours each, photoshop