Steven. 21. Texas. Geophysics Undergrad. My posts are mostly Roosterteeth, Steampunk, Anime, Manga, and Nature stuff. Most stuff posted is not mine, but I occasionally upload photos from things I've done/places I've been. I have kik if anyone wants to talk. It's steventesla.



a genre-aware white haired anime boy that dyes his hair in protagonist colours in an attempt to avoid his tragic fate


Found this lil cutie playing in my hostas. He smelled me then started posing and stringing himself up in the flowers. He was so sweet :)


completed hyrule warriors queen zelda cosplay !

there was a lot of craft foam and tears put into this but it feels nice to finally have it done in time for otakon






Shout out to girls who don’t mind being called dude and man casually

shout out to boys who don’t mind being called guuurrl 

shout out to humans who don’t mind being called dawg

shout out to dogs who will let you call them anything so long as you say it in  a happy, friendly tone.

Shout out to Guinea Pigs which are neither pigs nor from Guinea.